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​Easy real estate  management

​For property management companies


No more miscommunication with residents 

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BM Rent DX Tenant App
for easier communication

“BM Rent DX Tenant App” is a platform that increases tenant satisfaction by improving the operational efficiency of management companies.
We will improve and facilitate communication issues with residents, including responding to inquiries from residents, exchanging contracts by mail, and dealing with bulletin boards that accompany moving to the site. The app also enables credit card payments for rent.

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What is APP for tenants?

There are several layers at the management company allowing smooth communication and problem-solving. 


Common problems for real estate management companies

Dealing with a wide variety of tenants in the traditional way increases the workload. Communication with the tenants has become an issue.

  • There are many inquiries and it takes time to respond.

  • Sales-related information needs to be mailed, which is costly and time-consuming.

  • It takes time to prepare and mail contracts

  • Dealing with complaints causes much mental stress.

​What you can achieve with the BM rental DX owner app


​Bulletin board function

You can check the important notifications on the bulletin board at any time with the app.


Apply to move out

with the app

When you move out, you can apply for a move out application on the app.


​Distribute property information

​The management company will keep you informed of new properties as they become available.


Pay rent by credit card

A service that allows you to pay for rent and other initial costs with a credit card using the app.


​​Online contract

Online correspondence including rental contracts, important matters manual, renewal contracts, etc. is available through app.


Chat function

You can communicate via chat, and you can also attach images and video files.


The fee plan is based on the number of managed units.

The initial cost also varies depending on the number of managed units.
If other optional functions are required, we will quote separately.
If electronic contract options or other optional functions are required, a separate price estimate will be provided.

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